Over the last few years, rape and its prevention have become an important topic of discussion in Indian, and even global, society. Higher authorities are often found blaming the victim’s habits, clothing, and social behavior. A lot of artists, writers, musicians and photographers have based their work on themes of anti-rape and consent. With respect to photography, a few shoots have been done, but some of these shoots have been regarded on a different style
This shoot aims to bring out a reality that exists, but a lot of people are choosing to ignore: rape can happen to anybody, and can be committed by anybody. The decision to rape is usually not premeditated or committed by individuals with a criminal past; it is a spur-of-the-moment act that may not have existed in the mind of the perpetrator before it at all. A lot of the time, in Indian society, victims are afraid to report rapes due to the social embarrassment that would follow. There are numerous instances in which the act would be filmed by the perpetrator. Furthermore, this shoot aims to show that a dressing sense or habits have nothing to do with the act of rape. Rape happens irrespective.

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