It seemed more beautiful ,it truly made me feel more elegant, I saw his shadow walking around me,making my soul more happy I lay upon my bed, watching just his memories lively walk by me I could feel his touch, the happiness it gave me The warmth of his breath, blew on my skin I could feel the romantic aroma, of no one else but just him. These just happened, while I slowly realised it was an illusion, indeed a beautiful one. But it was just driving me mad, was those happiness were once mine? The constant question made me miss those memories more Missing it made me feel more agitated ,the agitation connected with tears Tears rolled upon my cheek in the peak of anger I burnt them, I just tried burning everything that connected with it Ashes settled on ground, few settled on my skin ,calming me down. I wanted all those in my hand, not just in mind I still love u so much but just that I can not keep you in my mind, stay away.

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