The unknown world of darkness. I started to visit this place more often in recent times. It was dark, holding the finest of the colour black filled in the space. It made me wonder how do I get to travel to this place even without knowing from where I boarded. That comes from, where it starts,The unknown world of the lost .The tendency to hallucinatory feeling. The scenes that never really seen.The words that never heard in conscious.The hallucination, and thoughts where it took me, stopped me from the world outside. I could not move from where I was, it scared me to make a move, i believed it was nothing beside but just a deep hole to pull me down to the royal palace of the lost, I could not think anything beyond than the struggle of understanding where I was miserably lost. It was not a memory loss it was a memory pause that made me struggle. I woke up with the hit of light and the realization that I still have a connection to the outside world, yet im still trying to find the map of that place inside myself.

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